Art Direction and Graphic Design for the project and LP "CARIÑO".
Silkscreen Limited Edition, 300 numered and signed by SedaNegra Silkscreen Studio. Fabriano DarkBlue 360 gr. Transparent blue vinyl.
Music: Juan Manuel Cidrón y Carlos Martín (MyNationShit)
Text: Ana Santos Payán / Luna MiguelMarch, 2015

Concept sketch and interior design

CARIÑO is an initiative of El Gaviero to remember the worlds of Ana Santos Payán.
The world of the edition, the book, the notebooks and the paper was the whole life of Ana, the pieces of Juan Manuel Cidrón pay tribute to this obsession.
The other world of Ana was poetry, symbolized by herself in the sea, the anchor, the blade. Carlos Martín is in charge of honoring this sensitivity through some texts of the Gaviera.

CARIÑO is a blue disk like that horizon that she always inquired about.

CARIÑO is Ana's smile.